What is it?

Don’t Think of Monkeys it’s a narrative Podcast consisting of 11 Selected Fables that where once told by Osho during his discourses. Each episode’s goal is to help the listener lose themselves in the story, with the aid of Ambient Sounds, SFX and Music, all done by Jaime Osvaldo. We are hopeful you will enjoy this work and may find the hidden meanings in the fables.

El Rey de los Mosquitos y el Elefante 🔗

Una León Conoce una Oveja en un Río 🔗

Ardillas y Pájaros en el Árbol 🔗

El Elefante , El Tábano y la Garza 🔗

Chuang Tzu sueña que es una mariposa 🔗

La Gallina que fue hacia el sur 🔗

Like the artwork? Check out Lucía Castro’s amazing work here.

All of Osho’s words have are the Copyright of Osho International foundation.