About Jaime Osvaldo

Short Bio

Jaime Osvaldo is a professional sound technician for Audiovisual Media, including Film, Television, Music and Video Games. 

From a very young age, Jaime was already busying himself with movies and music; at age 7 he created multiple short films that he designed and edited using Windows Movie Maker. Later on, on his high school years, Jaime was sometimes called “Puerto Rican Spielberg” for the funny sketches he and his friends made. During this stage in his teenage years he experimented with music applications and learned the basics behind Audio Software and Sound Hardware. 

Upon graduation from High School, he decided to pursue his career in the Audiovisual medias; he enrolled at the University of Puerto Rico in the Audiovisual Communications degree. There he learned the ins and outs of Communication Theory, the fundamentals of Physics and Math, and the responsibilities in the TV, Radio and Film Business. Slowly slowly moving from a focus in Film Production to a full dedication to Sound Recording, Mixing and Design. 

With only months left to graduate from the UPR, Jaime found himself in a crossroads. There, with the guidance from one of his professors, he applied to one of the most prestigious film schools in Latin America: La Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión de San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba (EICTV), were they only accept 5 students a year per specialization. Along with 39 other film-loving people from all around the globe, he was accepted to partake in a three year specialized course in Audio Engineering. Those years are the “innate cream” (as they say in Latin America, meaning: the very core) of his formation in Sound.

Nowadays, Jaime is fully dedicated to sound, living in the Big Apple, were he feels at home. Growing each day one more bit at a time and working in different projects involving many kinds of people. With every step he makes in this already trodden city, he strives to make a difference with his skills and knowledge.


Jaime’s skill set is categorized into two layers: 

Hard Skills.

  • The operation and maintenance of Audio Hardware (Recorders, Microphones, Lavaliers, Mixers, Intercoms, Walk-talkies, IFB, etc.)
  • Expertise on Computer Software (including but not limited to Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Ardour, MIDI, PureData, Dante, QSC, etc.)
  • Physical Abilities that come unhandy in a film-set or studio (like boom operating, properly winding a cable and foley design).

Soft Skills. 

  • Developing Sound Design project from the ground-up (from Pre-Production to the final Master Mix).
  • Knowledge of Microphone Techniques for improved capturing of dialogue, effects and ambients (including Stereo, MS, Double-MS and Ambisonic techniques).
  • Acoustics and Sound System Design. 

For a more thorough breakdown of the skills and previous experience, refer to the most recent version of the CV here.

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